Cherry Sprout Produce Customer Survey

Welcome, lovely community member, to Cherry Sprout's customer survey! Thanks in advance for taking the time to give us a little information about you and your shopping preferences. We hope to use the results to serve you even better.

* 1. What is one thing at Cherry Sprout that you simply can't live without?

* 2. What is the number one reason you choose to shop at Cherry Sprout?

* 3. How do you most often get to our store?  (Just choose one this time.)

* 4. What is your first priority when grocery shopping?

* 5. What is your relationship to our neighborhood?

* 6. In the past 6 months, how much of your grocery shopping have you done at Cherry Sprout?

* 7. In the past 30 days, which of the following markets have you shopped at? (Please select all that apply.)

* 8. When you shop other places, what is the main reason you are choosing other stores over Cherry Sprout?

* 9. What would draw you to shop more at our store? (Please choose your one favorite option.)

* 10. Please provide an email address so we can enter you in the raffle for a $40 gift certificate to Cherry Sprout Produce.  Note:  Without an email address we will still get your survey answers, but you will not be entered in the raffle.