Please tell us about the fall sale. Your feedback is vital in planning future sales.

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* How do you describe the participating Girl Scout troop/group?
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* 1st Troop Level:

* 2nd Troop Level:

* What is your region?

* The TOTAL NUMBER of girls registered as members is:

* The TOTAL NUMBER of girls SELLING fall product is:

* For how long have you been a product sales troop manager?

* What was the total number of items sold for your troop (total from Final Report Envelope):

* Were there more or fewer total items sold than in 2012?

* What may have caused any change in this year’s sales?

* Why did your troop/group decide to participate in the Fall Product Sale? (Check as many reasons as apply.)

* Do you agree with the following statements?
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a. I took troop manager training in-person this year.
b. I took troop manager training online this year.
c. I have access to a computer.
d. It was helpful to have access to online fall sale forms.
e. Sale forms were easy to understand and follow.
f. The Fall Sale Manual was helpful.
g. My troop/group used program materials provided.
h. The fall sale dates met our troop's/group's needs.
i. My troop/group was satisfied by the fall sale delivery process.
j. The Trophy Nut online ordering system was easy to use.
k. The E-Nuts + E-Connect sites were easy to use.
l. My troop/group participated in the online e-mail selling option.
m. The girls’ recognitions helped motivate the girls in my troop/group.
n. I was satisfied with the quality of the products.
o. The "Buy Three, Plant A Tree" program helped encourage my girls to sell more magazines.
p. The "Care to Share" program helped our troop/group to increase our sale.
q. The "Reading Corner" and "Support Our Soldiers" magazine donation opportunities helped our troop increase our sale.
r. I received timely assistance when I called my Service Unit Fall Product Sale Coordinator.
s. I received timely assistance when I called my Regional Fall Product Sale Manager.

* Did over half of the girls do any of the following…? (Please check “Yes,” “No,” or “Not Applicable” for each.)

Before, during or after the fall sale, did at least 55% of your troop do any of the following:

  Yes No N/A
Discuss girls' interests, skills & strengths?
Talk about each girl's responsibilities?
Try new activities?
Have fun?
Make friends?
Meet people of different ages, races & abilities?
Respect others?
Solve an argument?
Agree on how troop members would act?
Set group goals?
Set individual goals?
Plan and carry out activities?
Take a chance or appropriate risk?
Find out more about the community?
Take care of the environment around you?
Act as leaders?
See ways girls and women can work in the community?

* Comments from the GIRLS:

* Comments from the PARENTS:

* What would better help you carry out your job as the troop manager?

* Next year...

  Yes No Maybe
I'd consider being appointed to this position next year.
I'd consider being appointed service unit fall sale consultant next year.
I would be willing to volunteer at my Regional Service Center.

* Your name and number are OPTIONAL. This information will help us better serve your troop and follow up with any questions or concerns you may have.

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Thank you!

This completes the fall product sale troop evaluation.