In an ongoing effort to better serve our members, the Arizona State Retirement System has created the following survey to assist us in understanding member perceptions and concerns about their retirement plan. All ASRS members - active, inactive, disabled and retired - are encouraged to complete the survey, which includes optional areas for individual comments.

The ASRS will take into consideration the results as it continues to provide customer service and educational materials to members. Please note that the survey is for internal use only and will not be shared with any outside entities, and your responses are anonymous.

This survey contains 19 questions and should take 5-10 minutes to complete.

Thank you for taking time to help us better serve you.
- The Arizona State Retirement System

* 1. I am:

* 2. My age group is:

* 3. Which category best describes your current or most recent ASRS employer?

* 4. When I need information regarding ASRS benefits and programs, I get my information by: (check all that apply)

* 5. I am confident the ASRS can manage and safeguard my retirement fund.

* 6. I would rate my knowledge and understanding of the following:

  Excellent Good Fair Poor
My overall retirement benefits
The ASRS retiree health insurance and benefit program
The Service Purchase benefit
Survivor Benefits
Options for my account should I leave ASRS employment
The ASRS Long Term Disability Income program
The optional ASRS Supplemental Retirement Savings Plan
General Retirement Planning and Preparation

* 7. To learn more about the topics listed in question #6, how likely would you be to:

  Very likely Likely Somewhat likely Not very likely
Attend an ASRS member meeting
Participate in an interactive webcast
View a pre-recorded web-based tutorial
Read information in a newsletter
Visit the ASRS website

* 8. I am confident my ASRS pension is secure and will be there for me when I retire and for my lifetime.

* 9. I understand the ASRS defined benefit plan and the formula used to determine my lifelong benefit.

* 10. I view my participation in the ASRS as a valuable benefit.

* 11. I understand that my retirement security is dependent upon a combination of my ASRS pension benefit, my Social Security benefit, and my personal savings.

* 12. The real-time, online member statement I receive from the ASRS provides me with a good overview of my retirement plan.

* 13. The ASRS newsletters I receive provide me with useful information.

* 14. The ASRS website provides valuable and useful information.

* 15. I use the ASRS website to stay informed and conduct business.

* 16. The ASRS retiree health insurance program will be a valuable benefit to me when I retire.

* 17. My overall opinion of the ASRS:

  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
ASRS employees provide good customer service to members.
The ASRS keeps me informed on matters that affect me.
The ASRS is pleasant and easy to do business with.

* 18. How did you learn about this Member Survey? (Check all that apply):

* 19. Please provide any additional comments.