Welcome! Thank you for your interest in joining 100 Women of Richardson!

Welcome; we're happy that you're here!

To ensure we keep our commitment to the community, please read and agree to our membership requirements for 2020:

· Attend each of the one-hour meetings in February, April and October 2020.

· Write a $100 check at each of the three meetings. 

· All checks must be presented at the meeting. If unable to attend, you must send your check with a board member or a friend!

Members who do not keep their commitment to provide a check AT EACH MEETING (or contact us in case of extenuating circumstances) will be removed from the roster to ensure that we are honest and able to fulfill our promise to the non-profit organizations that apply to receive funds.

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* 1. Please share your contact info with us. We never share your info and use bcc: to email you. 

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I am making a commitment to donate $100 at each meeting to benefit non-profits in Richardson, Texas.  This is a financial commitment of $300 total in 2020. 

I understand that even if the majority of members vote for an organization that is not my first choice, I will donate at each meeting. (The non-profit rules and requirements are posted on www.100womenofrichardson.com).  

If I am unable to attend a meeting, I will give my check to another member in ADVANCE of the meeting. 

I understand that if I do not fulfill my obligation that my membership will be revoked.

I am ready to be part of the group and want to make a Big Impact in Richardson in 2020! Count me in!

Please sign your first and last name.