Help me decide who will be in the Palace of Ultimate Badasses' inaugural class of 2020.

Who are the best of the best, the first class Badasses?

Vote for as many as you like in each category or write in a vote.

5 actors, 3 directors, 5 protagonists, 5 antagonists, and 3 Author/Screenwriters will make the cut for the inaugural class.

Keep in mind, candidates are selected per Badass Sci Fi general guidelines (mostly R rated and above fare), so you're voting for Blade Runner Harrison Ford, not Star Wars Harrison Ford, and Attack the Block John Boyega, not Star Wars John Boyega. It also explains why some of your favorites won't be on the list, like George Lucas, Han Solo, and Darth Vader. Not to pick on Star Wars, it's just the easiest example.

And no movies/books/TV shows etc., because we're using Badass as an noun. Aliens isn't a badass, it's just badass (adjective). We'll address properties at another time.

And I probably forgot a bunch of legit choices as well. Feel free to call me out and tell me what a tool I am.

Anyway, it's time to decide who's allowed in the PUB!
(Results will be posted as soon as enough votes are tallied to determine winners!)

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* 1. Actor

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* 2. Director

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* 3. Protagonist

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* 4. Antagonist

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* 5. Author/Screenwriter (if not in another category)