Let's look at your Auto-Responses

50% of survey complete.

The purpose of this survey is to find out a little about yourself and find where some of those beliefs that lurk in the inner recesses of your mind reside and discover how to unsettle them, enabling you to put them back under your control. Once you've completed this simple little questionnaire and it's stimulated the bits of your brain that you thought were dormant, please get in touch on the Powerchange number 01903 744399 or email roy@powerchange.com or just browse our website www.powerchange.com

That's the best route to get more.

Roy Stannard

* 1. Which single item would hurt most if you lost it?

* 2. What meaning does this object have for you?

* 3. What is the single most challenging issue as you face the future?

* 4. How do you anticipate handling this?

* 5. Name three things that you feel are holding you back

* 6. Any fears, phobias or addictions that you would like to be free from?

* 7. How good are you at relationships?

  Great Good Average Poor Terrible N/A
1. With Friends
2. With family
3. With Partner
4. With children
5. With work colleagues

* 8. People treat me generally the way I like to be treated

  Always Sometimes Rarely Never N/A
1. Friends
2. Family
3. Partner
4. Workmates

* 9. I am pretty much in control of my thinking

* 10. I have a secure sense of my true worth which is.. (out of 10)