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We would like to invite you to participate in the Farm to Plate Peri-Urban Planning Scheme Audit.

Agriculture and our local food systems are facing some significant challenges, such as climate change, competing land use, growing population and urban expansion impacting on our ability to produce food locally. Farmers and landholders are stepping up to meet this challenge, with new and innovative methods of producing food. Many of these new production systems are directly addressing these issues with shortened supply chains, regenerative farming methods, effective waste management and better utilisation of land for efficient and healthy food production close to the population it feeds.

But are our regulators keeping up? This is the question this study wishes to answer, specifically relating to the area of the Victorian Planning System. 

This research project will examine peri-urban* and green wedge planning schemes for their potential to foster sustainable and regenerative local food systems. The research will focus on land use plannings potential to foster local food production and processing close to markets for greater economic, environmental and social sustainability, and climate resilience outcomes.

The key project activities to achieve this include consideration of national and international best practice, a review of relevant VCAT hearings and a comprehensive audit of the 26 peri-urban and green wedge local government planning schemes and the relevant sections of the overarching Victorian system.

This survey is also an important element. It will allow us to consult with food/fibre producers who have been directly engaged with local government planning departments to add further insight to the audit project. Are you a farmer or food producer who has had to apply for a planning permit? Are you aspiring to become a farmer, but the permit requirements are holding you back? We want to hear from you if you are or want to be producing food for the community. This may be in many forms, from not-for-profits through to significant commercial operations. How was the experience of working with your local government planning department? Were they supportive and helpful? Was it difficult? How long did it take you to obtain your permit? Your involvement in this survey will ensure we are including the real world implications of the planning system for local agriculture in this study.

The survey should take approximately fifteen minutes of your time.

This project is funded by the McLeod Family Foundation and is a collaboration between Plan-it Rural, Sustain: The Australian Food Network and William Angliss Institute.

If you have any questions about the study, please contact Linda Martin-Chew,

*located within 100kms of the Melbourne CBD
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