1. You 'Taught' It; How Do You Know If They Got It?

You 'Taught' It; How Do You Know If They Got It?

Wednesday, February 27, 7:30am—9:00am
ITLAL Underground (LI-B69)
Wednesday, February 27, 3:00pm—4:30pm
ITLAL Underground (LI-B69)

If you’ve ever had the experience of grading a student’s test, quiz or paper that seemed to have nothing to do with what you imagined students were learning, this session is designed for you. Ditto if your students’ unexpectedly poor performance on an exam ever caught you completely by surprise. Effective assessment, evaluation and measurement of student learning occur when they are strategically interwoven with other learning activities. In this session participants will reflect on their current evaluation practices, and consider the power of using CATs (classroom assessment techniques) to improve student learning.

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