Welcome to the 'Have your say' survey.

Dear Participants, Families and Carers,    

· We would love to hear how you feel about the support you get from Amicus.

· Amicus listens very carefully to what participants, their carers and their family say.

· We really want to know if the activities you have chosen are supporting you, to reach your goals. 
phoneIf you would like to fill the survey out on the phone, please:

·     Call Amicus on 5441 2666 and ask for Judy or Anette.
If you would like to fill the survey out at Amicus, please:

·      Call Amicus on 5441 2666 and make an appointment with:

       - Someone from the 'Have a Say Group'.
       - Complete the survey with Judy or Anette from the Quality team.

Circle the symbols to say whether you are:   

very happyvery happy, okok, not happy not happy, very unhappy very unhappy, not surenot sure

Some things might not be in your plan, circle: not in my plan not

Some questions allow you to write down your thoughts: ………………

7.12.2018 Please complete the survey before Friday, 7th of December 2018.