***BEFORE BEGINNING YOUR APPLICATION: Note that this application process requires references, both of consumers of your farm products (including CSA members, wholesale buyers, or restaurants) and previous employees of your farm (if you wish to be listed on Apprentice Link.) This provides OGS with some "third party assurance" as to farms' credibility in both grower/consumer and employer/employee relationships.
If your farms' timeline does not allow submission of references, (i.e. you are in your first year offering apprenticeships, or your first year growing things for the public) we absolutely understand and by no means want to exclude farms that fall under this category. Please note this in your application.
THIS APPLICATION, DEPENDING ON HOW MUCH INFORMATION YOU HAVE COMPILED FOR YOUR FARM, MAY TAKE UP TO 45 MINUTES TO FILL OUT AND CAN NOT BE RETURNED TO ONCE BEGAN. Please make sure you set aside an adequate amount of time to fully complete your application, as well as making sure you have the aforementioned reference information available.***

Welcome to the Organic Growers School Farm Network Application! This application and all contact information provided will be submitted to the Organic Growers School and is subject to review. The OGS Farm Network intends to highlight organic and sustainable farm products for potential customers as well as listing potential farm work opportunities (if available). If accepted, the information provided in the following application will be included on the OGS Farm Network and/or Apprentice Link public listings unless otherwise indicated. Please note that all questions marked with an ** asterisk ** are required.

To be included in this listing, Organic Growers School will review each application to determine each of the following criteria has been met by the applicant:
  • Active engagement in the local community through participation in outreach and education as well as organic support systems.
  • Use of organic/sustainable production methods (Organic Certification is not required).
  • Dedication to training new farmers by providing education as a pinnacle element of the apprenticeship program, if offered.

If your application is accepted (which requires review by OGS as well as responses from your provided references), you will receive an email letting you know your listing will be posted.

We will be in touch! Thank you for applying.

* 1. Farm Name:

* 2. Farm Website:

* 3. Contact (PLEASE NOTE: Any information will be listed publicly on your profile unless you specify to NOT share it.)

* 4. What is the best way and best time for customers or potential apprentices to contact you?

* 6. General Farm Description: How would you describe your farm? What products do you grow/raise? What are some of your farms most strongly held values? What are your farming practices? How much land do you work? How long have you been on that land? How many other employees do you have? etc...

* 7. What is the best way to describe your farm, from the options below?

* 8. Where can people find your farm products? List tailgate markets you attend, restaurants/stores you to sell to, CSA, farm stands, etc.

* 9. Do you have any third party certifications (not required)?

* 10. Please check all applicable categories of products that your farm produces and markets, for easy listing purposes.

* 11. Is the farm open to the public?

* 12. Do you host events on the farm?

* 13. Please provide at least two names and contact information of customer references. Any references provided will be asked for a written reference of your farm products. Please note that we will not post your listing without responses from these references, so choose responsive individuals! These can be members of your CSA, customers from tailgate markets, restaurants, or wholesale accounts you sell to. We will not publish any contact information provided below.

* 14. Are you looking for additional outlets for selling your products? If so, we'll be happy to list you on our Farm Network page as well as advertise your products periodically on our blog.

* 15. Do you have apprenticeship opportunities on your farm that you wish to have listed on Apprentice Link?

20% of survey complete.