* 1. Are you involved in local organizations or community groups? If so, which ones?

* 2. Please check all activities you are interested in as a volunteer.

* 3. Do you have any specific skills, talents, or experience in the areas listed in Q 2?

* 4. Please rank goals based on what you identify as a community priority.

* 5. Please rank these projects based on your interest in volunteering.

* 6. Are there other projects you may be interested in? (Examples of other possible project areas may include: health/nutrition, youth support/mentoring, signature events, fundraising & development/finance, technical assistance)


* 7. What role do you prefer serving as a community volunteer?

* 8. Based on your interest in volunteering opportunities, please indicate your availability.

  Morning Afternoon Evening

* 9. Any other comments?

* 10. Please provide your name and email if you would like someone to follow up with you about volunteering opportunities.