Studio and Gym Owner/Operator Survey, a new web-based service, connects studios and gyms with dance and fitness instructors. Its purpose is to assist in finding substitute instructors for immediate, short, or long term placement. members have access to a range of available instructors at any given time.

The member profile page (accessible 24 hours a day) provides a direct connection to find instructors. Rate of pay and availability are included in the profile to allow members to search and choose an instructor that meets their needs, but are not displayed openly on the site.

A studio, gym, or member looking to fill a position can search for instructors who match their requirements (ie. day, time, class type, and rate of pay) making it easy to quickly find a suitable instructor. focuses on matching need with availability. Through the service, members connect to negotiate terms and make arrangements suitable to both parties. is a membership based service which is run on set fees. It is not an agency and will not take a percentage of a completed contract. makes finding instructors easy.

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