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Dear Visitor to La Palma Wine Fair ‘FIVIPAL’ 2014:

We would appreciate if you could participate in this short survey, designed to investigate the experience of visitors to FIVIPAL 2014, including their experience and perceptions of the wines they tasted, and the overall quality of their experience at the event.

The completion of the survey only takes a few minutes.

Your comments are very valuable in order to maintain or further improve the quality of the products (e.g., wines), and the service provided, thus, contributing to more memorable experiences in future editions of FIVIPAL.

The information this survey gathers is anonymous, and will not identify respondents in any way. Please, note that only those of age 18 and above are to participate in the study; if you are not 18 or above, please do not proceed.

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* 1. ¿From where did you travel to attend the La Palma Wine Fair (‘FIVIPAL 2014’)? I have travelled from… (please type town, city, etc.).

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* 7. Please indicate your consumption today at ‘FIVIPAL 2014’. For instance, if you tasted wines, etc.). More than one answer is possible.

* 8. Please describe your overall experience at the recent La Palma Wine Fair ‘FIVIPAL 2014’, including your experience in regards to the wines or foods you tasted, the service you received, the entertainment component of FIVIPAL 2014 (e.g., music), etc.

* 9. Please indicate the most positive aspects of your experience at FIVIPAL 2014, including such aspects as the quality and variety of wines showcased, the quality of the service you received, the Fair’s atmosphere (e.g., decoration, style), entertainment (e.g., music, performances), or other aspects.

* 10. Finally, in what way(s) could the organising entity of FIVIPAL (La Palma’s Wine Regulatory Council) contribute to improve the experience of those attending future editions of the Fair? Please leave your comments below.

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