1. This is a 10 minute survey to benchmark what constitutes an attractive freelancer value proposition.

HR and business leaders are increasingly discovering ways in which to effectively use "flexible" talent to meet the demands of specific projects/initiatives.

Further, as professionals value purpose and flexibility in the workplace and increasingly turn to freelance work (short-term project based work), we feel it is imperative to define what constitutes an attractive freelancer value proposition. We are undertaking this survey to answer the following key questions:

1. What are the trends on freelance use by different organizations across the world, by function/industry/geography?
2.As competition for flexible talent grows, how are compensation structures and benefits offered to freelancers evolving?
3. How prepared are organizations in terms of infrastructure, systems and processes to find, manage and support freelancers?

We would like your valuable inputs  based on your interaction with flexible talent. We would be happy to share the results of the survey with you.

Thanks in advance for your time!

Team Flexing It

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* 7. My organization has an active flexible work program for part-time/remote work

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