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If you are involved in motor sport please take part in this survey on concussion, it is entirely confidential and will help us to find out more about its significance.


For the purposes of this survey we would like you to consider the following definition:

Concussion may occur after any accident, with or without loss of consciousness. It does not have to involve a high velocity impact. Symptoms may be delayed and may not be seen immediately after the accident.


Symptoms may include:


·     Persistent headache

·     Dizziness

·     Confusion

·     Loss of consciousness, however brief

·     Difficulty with balance

·     Difficulty with coordination

·     More sensitive to noise than usual

·     More sensitive to light than usual

·     Sleepier than usual

·     Difficulty getting to sleep

·     Nausea or vomiting

·     Difficulty concentrating

·     Loss of memory for a period before the event

·     Loss of memory for a period after the event

·     Uncharacteristic behavior, e.g. crying

·     More irritable than usual