(Through Flagler Hospital Inc, CME Committee)

Please read the Flagler Hospital Employee policy below

A policy will be in place to address the utilization of the Continuing Medical Education fund for Flagler Hospital employee education.


1. The allotted amount for Flagler Hospital Employees education is $10,000 per fiscal year with individual approvals granted by the Continuing Medical Education Committee.

 2. A Flagler Hospital employee is eligible to be granted up to $250 toward an education activity that is not a formal college class and that is not offered either as a live activity or through a form of enduring material available through Flagler Hospital. The $250 is for the tuition/registration of an education activity only.

            a. A Flagler Hospital employee must be employed on a full-time basis for at least one year prior to application of educational event.

            b. A Flagler Hospital employee must be considered in good standing and not have received any disciplinary action beyond a verbal warning within the twelve months prior to the application for grant as verified by Flagler Hospital’s Human Resources Department.

            c. A Flagler Hospital employee must have utilized all contractual CME/CE money provided by employer.

3. Application, available on the intranet (My Flagler), must be signed by requesting Flagler Hospital employee and submitted with educational activity syllabus and tuition/registration fee to the CME Committee via the Manager, CPPD/CME in the Medical Library a minimum of two months prior to the scheduled activity.

4. An employee will be granted up to two events with a maximum of $500 per fiscal year.

5. Once application is approved by the CME Committee, proof of attendance to activity must be submitted to Manager, CPPD/CME before monetary reimbursement.

6. The Manager, CPPD/CME will notify scholarship recipient when check is ready for pick-up. Employee must pick up and sign acknowledgement of check receipt within 30 days of notification.

7. The Manager, CPPD/CME will track the employee education applications and grants allotted.

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