The Washington Middle School (WMS) Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) is looking for input from teachers, staff and parents on next year’s priorities to guide development of the PTSA budget.

Please tell us what’s important to you and your thoughts on improving the school experience for every child at WMS. Input from this short anonymous survey will help us build our 2018-19 budget and programming to reflect those priorities.

In providing your feedback, please keep in mind that YOUR contribution (skills, time or donation) are what enable our work.  We are stronger and more effective with your participation.

Thank you for your feedback!

* 1. The following is a list of programs the PTSA supports through funding and/or volunteers.  Please rate each item’s importance to you and your family. You will have an opportunity to suggest items in a future question.

  Not Important Somewhat Important Important Very Important Essential
Staff Grants (money for each teacher to use for classroom supplies)
Opportunity Grants (funding for teacher-led initiatives not planned for in budget, meant to touch broad number of students)
HOST Program Funding (for costs not eligible for City of Seattle Levy funding)
Music Department (in addition to Friends of Washington Music (FOWM) fundraising)
Department Grants for supplies and consumables (Art, Science, Library)
Parent Teacher Conferences ( including teacher overtime salaries)
School Led Academic Events (including teacher overtime salaries for Science Showcase, Walapalooza, Math Town)
Community Building Events (Bite of WMS, Ice Cream Social)
Staff Professional Development
Student Planners
Staff & Teacher Appreciation (water service, week of recognition with food, flowers, etc)
Jr. Husky Pantry Weekend Food Program
Discretionary Fund for New Principal Emily Butler
Student Directory
Salary Support for Staff Positions (i.e. limited to bridging gaps where district funding falls short, such as counselor, instructional aide, academic tutor, and/or others)

* 2. In your opinion, what is the single most important thing for the PTSA to spend more resources on next year to improve the school experience for every child at WMS? Why?

* 3. What do you think is missing from the previous list that the PTSA should be spending resources on? (It is OK for your answer to be an "idea" or a "goal" rather than a specific program.)

* 4. I currently have one or more children at WMS in the following grade(s) - check all that apply

* 5. Which all-school events did you attend at WMS this year?

* 6. Did you volunteer or contribute funds for PTSA programs this year?

* 7. What are your preferred ways to give to the WMS PTSA? Select all that apply

* 8. What role do you see the PTSA playing in your WMS experience, including needs that may be specific to your family?

* 9. Do you know about the school community Facebook page? If you would like to join, please search for “Washington Middle School Families Group” and click on “join” button.

* 10. If you would like additional information about how to volunteer next year, please provide your contact information here or email for more information.