Question Title

* 1. WASC Parent or Guardian Survey

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Agree Strongly Agree N/A
1. FHS is a safe place to be.
2. FHS is a clean and welcoming place to learn.
3. I know the rules and expectations at FHS.
4. The consequences for not following rules are clear and fairly enforced by teachers, staff and administrators.
5. Attendance policies are enforced fairly and effectively.
6. The faculty and staff at FHS think my student can succeed and expect them to do so.
7. Parents have opportunities to discuss & influence the vision and goals of FHS.
8. FHS teachers and staff communicate well with parents and students.
9. My student is encouraged to take courses that will challenge them.
10. My student is challenged by their classes.
11. Students have access to help when they struggle academically.
12. Students have access to personal growth opportunities and personal support systems at FHS.
13. At FHS, my student has opportunities to grow personally (e.g., through extra-curricular and social activities).
14. FHS is doing a good job preparing my student for life after high school.
15. FHS encourages parent and community involvement.
16. I regularly use Schoolloop or Schoology to help keep track of my student’s academics.
17. My student uses Schoolloop or Schoology to help keep track of their academics.
18. FHS teaches students to use technology responsibly.