Dear colleagues,

My name is Beatriz Cebolla, I work as a Project manager at Health Consumer Powerhouse, a small company working to collect and provide patient information and analysis in healthcare.

We are currently preparing the Euro Heart Index 2016, designed to measure the levels of provision of cardiac care in 30 European countries (the EU, Norway and Switzerland). We aim to highlight and contrast the policies being implemented in countries across Europe, in order to identify important and immediate needs in cardiac care. Within the 2016 Index one entire chapter will be devoted to the FH situation in Europe: we have designed ten specific indicators about this topic.

The information is collected through different national bodies and other stakeholders, including patient organisations and physicians. Some of the indicators in relation to FH treatment and care have been converted into questions in this online questionnaire and will be used as feedback.

We would be very grateful if you could assist us by providing us with your perceptions and opinions by filling out this questionnaire. It should not take more than ten minutes of your time.

The index will be published in October 2016, also on, freely accessible for all.

We thank you in advance for your help and look forward to your answers.

Best regards,

Dr. Beatriz Cebolla

* 1. Initially, could you please indicate in which European country you are based?

* 2. Which is your area of expertise?

* 3. Over the last two-year period, have any activities or campaigns been taking place to increase awareness among: (Please select all that apply)

  Private funding Public funding
General population
Cardiovascular specialists
Primary care physicians

* 4. In your country, are family members of patients with FH systematically screened for FH?

* 5. In your country, are there currently any official recommendations or guidelines in place that are approved by the government regarding treatment and/or screening of FH?

* 6. Assuming that around 0.2-0.5% of the population has FH, what is the estimated percentage of patients detected and treated in your country?

* 7. In your country, are there specialised clinics for screening and treatment of FH (Lipid clinics)?

* 8. Is the combination therapy to treat FH (statin plus ezetimibe) currently reimbursed or subsidised in your country?

* 9. Is genetic testing subsidised?

* 10. In your country, is treatment with PCSK9 inhibitors subsidised (reimbursed)?.....(Please select all that apply)