* 1. Please select the option that best fits you:

* 2. Do you currently have cheese-related art in your shop, home or office?

* 3. Please rate your reaction to the following statements - 1 is completely disagree, 5 is completely agree.

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree N/A
I prefer to frame my own prints for my shop or office wall.
I prefer prints mounted on foamcore to easily mount unframed
I prefer to purchase prints in pre-selected collections
I prefer to select my own prints to create my own, unique collection

* 4. Please gauge your interest in the following potential services I am considering.

  Not Interesting Neutral Very Interesting N/A
Discounted quarterly program to seasonally refresh your wall art display
Cheese related promotional items with your logo (calendars, photo books, digital promos)
A royalty-free cheese stock image library to enhance your website & social media promotions
Photos of a cheese selection you curate to enhance your marketing & PR efforts
Cheesemaker branded photos for promotions at a discounted rate

* 5. The main reasons I WOULDN'T be interested in cheese wall art include:

* 6. I hope to create a valuable service for my clients and promotes and share beautiful cheese with the world. Any thoughts, ideas, cautions or connections you'd like about this idea? Please share here.

* 7. Thanks for taking time to complete the survey. Please enter your e-mail here to receive a 10% off your first order coupon and to sign up for my e-news.