The NZ Property Investors’ Federation is initiating an ongoing survey to monitor the service provision of the Tenancy Tribunal and Tenancy Mediation.

The following is a confidential survey to gauge the opinion of Landlords who have attended the Tenancy Tribunal or Tenancy Mediation over the last three months.

Results are to be used by the NZ Property Investor Federation in discussions with Government and Government Departments on how well the system is working and how improvements can be made.

Accurate and honest information is essential so that any changes we seek to have implemented are informed, and required.

If you have attended the Tenancy Tribunal or mediation within the last three months, we would be very grateful to hear feedback on your experience through completing the following survey.

Question Title

* 2. How many times over the past 3 months have you attended tenancy mediation or the Tenancy Tribunal?

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* 3. In what capacity did you attend?

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* 4. Which area was your application to?

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* 5. What is your overall impression of the Tenancy Tribunal system?