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* 1. I am a (please check all that apply)

* 2. St. Peter's School's mission statement clearly articulates the vision, beliefs, and values of our school. 
St. Peter's School is a family of learners, trying to live like Jesus, in our school, homes, and community.

* 3. St. Peter's School's curriculum is vertically aligned, rigorous, and based on state and national standards.  It includes instruction in the following areas: language arts, math, science, history/geography/government, health/physical education, technology, emotional intelligence, art, music, and religion.

* 4. St. Peter's School assesses students in a variety of ways, communicates results with parents/parishioners, and then uses those results to make needed changes in the curriculum.

* 5. St. Peter's School provides the necessary support to ensure that every student successfully completes the academic program.  

* 6. St. Peter's School has a safe and disciplined school climate that is conducive to learning, where students feel like they are part of a family.  

* 7. St. Peter's School maintains regular, open, and positive communication with staff, parents, parishioners, and the community. 

* 8. St. Peter's School has licensed and professional teachers and structured and effective leadership and policies.

* 9. St. Peter's has a long-term strategic plan in place that is regularly updated and communicated with stakeholders.

* 10. St. Peter's School is committed to teaching the Catholic faith, values, and practices to its students.