Deadlines and Information - Print this page for reference.

Ordering - Order from the Yearbook Link at Orders can be taken anytime.

Early Orders- $50 through 10/31/2016

Late Orders - On or After 11/01/2016 - $55.

Senior Write-Up - Seniors must submit a write up in order to be included in the yearbook. Due October 31, 2016.  Click on Yearbook link on our web page or use this link:

Early Childhood Photo - Due December 1, 2016. Submit via email or hard copy to Mrs Beeman,

Senior Portrait - Due December 1, 2016. (Minimum of 1500x1800 at 72 dpi if submitted electronically) Portrait should be in vertical orientation (taller than it is wide). You may send photos electronically to or bring the originals to be scanned.

* Full Name as you want it in the yearbook:

* Student ID#:

* Email address

* Memories and Thoughts. You might include nickname, friends initials, memories, hobbies, and special thanks to others in your write-up. You may include a quote if you wish!  Your write up cannot be more than 700 character count! --- Make sure your click on "Next" below!