Thank you so much for completing this survey!

The purpose of this preliminary survey is to find out whether there is a relationship between your tea preferences and your ability to perceive different flavors. You'll be able to complete this survey if you have had your DNA tested.

==>> The following instructions are for 23andme and AncestryDNA. If you have done one of the other tests, check to see whether they offer results for the snps listed below.

Before taking this survey, please write down your DNA results as follows, so you can insert them in the survey:

A. Your ethnicity (areas only—don't need percentages)
B. The results for the following snps:

Here's how to find your raw data concerning these snps:

If you have completed 23andme:
Click on “Tools” in the header of your page.
Scroll down to “Raw Data” and click on “Browse your data.”
You will see a box with “Search your data for a specific gene or marker (SNP)
Type in the letter-number combinations (for example rs227433), then scroll down to find the letters entered under “Your genotype” in the table.

If you have completed Ancestry DNA:
Click on “Settings” on the right hand side of your AncestryDNA homepage.
On the right hand side, click on “Download Raw Data.”
Once you have entered your password in the pop-up box, you’ll receive a confirmation email and download instructions at the email address associated with your Ancestry account. You will then be able to search for a specific DNA result (for example rs227433).
Again—thanks so much!

* 1. rs227433

* 2. rs6591536 

* 3. rs7766902

* 4. What is your ancestry according to 23andme or AncestryDNA? Check all that apply.

* 5. What is your gender?

* 6. How old are you?

* 7. Which of the following is your MOST FAVORITE hot tea?

* 8. How would you describe the flavor of your most favorite hot tea? Check all that apply!

* 9. What is it about this tea that you like? Check all that apply!

* 10. Which of the following is your LEAST favorite hot tea?