The purpose of this survey is to gather feedback from residents about their perception of safety issues in Beverly/Morgan Park.  Overall survey results will be used by BAPA staff and Board to guide programming and will be shared with elected officials, civic leaders and law enforcement to prioritize community crime prevention efforts. No personal information will be gathered or shared by taking this survey.

* 1. Where do you live in Beverly/Morgan Park?

* 2. How Long have you lived in Beverly/Morgan Park Community?

* 3. Beverly/Morgan Park has consistently been named one of the safest communities in the City of Chicago. What is your perception of safety here in our community?

* 4. Do you feel limited in participating in any particular activities in the community because of safety concerns? 

* 5. if you answered yes to question number 4, please select any of the following that apply:

* 6. How often do you see a Chicago Police Department beat car patrolling your residential area?

* 7. Which of the following do you consider effective crime prevention tools?

* 8. What resources add to your sense of safety in Beverly/Morgan Park?

* 9. What local community safety initiatives do you participate in?

* 10. What safety initiatives would you like to see implemented in our community?

* 11. What would you be willing to do to impact community safety?

* 12. Where do you get your information about neighborhood crime and safety?

* 13. Have you ever called 911?  If  yes, what was the nature of the call?

* 14. Are you a BAPA member?