1. Sneak Peek Site Testing Registration

By taking part in our Sneak Peek Site Testing program, your kids will be given free access to a new virtual world, not yet available to the public. Focused on wildlife and the animal kingdom, the online game is not only entertaining but teaches positive lessons about cooperation and conservation. Moms will feel comfortable with the safe and secure nature of the online world and the educational aspect of the activities, while kids will love rescuing and caring for the baby animals they encounter during their quests.

If your child would be interested in being part of the first group of kids to experience this exciting website, we'll send you a unique access code. The code will be valid during the entire site sneak peek testing period (approximately 4 weeks) and your child will be given special benefits and access within the site.

After testing out the site, we ask that you fill out a brief online survey with your thoughts regarding the site. Your feedback, along with the thoughts of your children, will directly impact the final product launch. And as a thank you for your insights, we'll be holding a drawing among survey respondents - 3 lucky moms and their kids will each win a $50 Target gift card!

By participating in the sneak peek testing program, we ask that you:
• Visit the site with your child to get a sense of the website
• Encourage your child to play as much as possible during the sneak peek testing period
• Fill out the online survey within the requested time period*

To be eligible for this program, you must have at least one child in the 7-12 age range.

If your child would be interested in being part of the first group of kids to experience this exciting virtual world, please fill in the fields and answer the questions below.

We will be in touch the week of April 6th with more details regarding the timing of the program and the free access code.

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* 5. Do you have at least one child between the age of 7 and 12?

* 6. What gender is your child(ren) that is between 7 and 12?

* 7. In what U.S. state do you live? Please enter your answer in the space below.