1. Why this survey?

First Great Western (FGW) is refusing to share with TSSA the outcomes and data from a joint working hours survey of managers conducted supposedly as a joint exercise with the union.

The survey was only eventually agreed to by FGW following months of discussion with TSSA management reps after TSSA management members expressed concerns to those reps about excessive hours and workload, and the resultant stress.

The suspicion must be that the survey has uncovered issues that the company does not want to have to address!

TSSA believes that most managers honestly engaged with this survey, were expecting to see the results, and were then expecting FGW and TSSA to jointly take steps to address those issues highlighted by the survey.

After months of trying to get FGW to share the survey results and engage with TSSA reps, the union now considers that it has no alternative but to conduct its own survey in order to find out what FGW is trying to hide.

TSSA management staff members are therefore asked to take part in this survey, and to urge manager colleagues not in TSSA to do likewise so that the union can get an accurate picture of the situation regarding workload and working hours issues.

TSSA management reps want to use the results to inform a discussion at the next meeting with company representatives on 5 February, so this means the survey will close on Wednesday 4 February 2015 at noon.