1. Instructions

As part of a client usability study, Guidewire Group would appreciate your feedback on your experience and interactions with the Amazon Kindle e-reader.

Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions. Your answers will remain confidential. A summary of feedback will be posted to the Guidewire Group blog.

In answering the questions, if you rate anything neutral or below, be sure to add comments on potential improvements as you see them. Thanks again!

* 1. How long have you been using the Kindle?

* 2. What was your learning curve for the Kindle?

* 3. Why did you initially purchase a Kindle?

* 4. How frequently do you use the Kindle?

* 5. How would you rate your overall satisfaction?

* 6. Please rate your satisfaction with the following device features (if satisfaction is neutral or below, please indicate why):

  Very Satisfied Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied Have Not Used
Menu Options
5-way Controller
Content Downloading
Help/Support on Device
Screen Transition (going from one page to next)
Kindle Store
Battery Life
Search Function
WhisperNet Wireless Connection

* 7. General comments on features

* 8. Based on your experiences to date, would you purchase another Kindle for yourself or someone else?

* 9. Based on your experience, would you recommend the Kindle to someone else?

* 10. Any other comments on your Kindle user experience you'd like to share?