* 1. How long have you suffered from sinusitis?

* 2. Have your sinus issues cleared up with the Paleo Diet, and if so, how much?

* 3. If you get a sinus infection while on the Paleo Diet, are you symptoms less severe than they were when you were on a conventional diet? If so, how much?

* 4. Do you suffer from environmental allergies? If so, how much have the symptoms improved while on the Paleo Diet?

* 5. If you occasionally have non-Paleo Diet foods, do they trigger sinus symptoms? If so, which foods trigger your sinusitis symptoms?

* 6. How much have your sinus headaches improved?

* 7. How much has your post-nasal drip improved?

* 8. If stuffy at any time, how much has your nasal stuffiness improved?

* 9. If there was ever ear pressure, how much has it improved?

* 10. Comments about sinusitis and the Paleo Diet?

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