* 1. How often do you order catering from any restaurant? (Over 10 people or more)

* 2. How many of these catering occasions are with El Pollo Loco?

* 3. What other restaurants do you typically prefer to order catering from?

* 4. When you order catering from any restaurant, what purpose have you ordered catering for? (selct all that apply)

* 5. Which catering occasion do you most frequently order catering for?

* 6. Rank from most important which features influence your decision to order catering

  Very Important Important Neutral Not Important Not Very Important
Variety of menu choices
Broad appeal of type of food
Packaging presentation
Ease of serving food from containers
Plates, napkins, and condiments included
Delivery service

* 7. What size group do you usually order catering for?

* 8. What menu items would you like to see on the El Pollo Loco Catering menu that are not currently available?

* 9. Please select your gender

* 10. Please select your age range

* 11. What time of year do you order catering?