Welcome to My Survey

This survey is to allow for feedback on how Superintendent Jack Walsh has been doing in this first half of the school year.  As the Board prepares to complete his evaluation this winter, we are hoping to hear from staff, students, and community members regarding his performance to incorporate that into the evaluation process.  The evaluation tool the Board uses will look at 5 areas of performance by the superintendent and the first 5 questions address those areas.  As most of you know, Mr. Walsh accepted this position last summer and will only be with us until June, 30, 2023.  

The district is currently advertising for a new superintendent and will be selecting finalists in late January, with interviews scheduled for February 13 and 14 in Sand Point.  We hope that students, staff, and residents throughout the district will participate in that process, too.  Please be involved and share ideas on that new superintendent position so we get the best possible candidate for our district. Questions 6-8 are intended to get your thoughts on what characteristics and personality traits you are hoping for in our next superintendent.

Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important.