About FAFSA Plus+

This application is for NEW sites that are applying to join the FAFSA Plus+ program.
FAFSA Plus+ is a year-round program that includes FAFSA completion and support for high school seniors. Related FAFSA activities include FAFSA completion events, financial literacy information, scholarship resources, award letter help, and other college access information. The Office of Student Access and Completion (OSAC) shares student-level FAFSA data (for high school seniors) and best practices with sites, allowing site staff to provide targeted assistance to their students who need to complete and submit a FAFSA, or make corrections. Site staff can also notify students who have been selected for verification.

During the 2015-2016 pilot, 100% of the survey respondents indicated that the student-level data was useful.

Sites that were most successful took full advantage of the host of activities and best practices available, including FAFSA workshops for students both during and after school, FAFSA completion events, encouraging parent participation at financial aid nights, and pulling students out of class to assist them one-on-one with their FAFSA.

Best Practices Include:
· Combination of accessing students before, during, and after school
· Parental involvement 
· Events encouraging students and family participation
· One-on-one contacts like phone calls
· Early FAFSA marketing during 1-2 months prior to FASA opening date
· Social Media/Website communications
· Mailings and flyers
· Hosting a College Cash Campaign event
· Parties and events
· Student incentives
· FAFSA as a graduation/class requirement

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