Kyneton Community & Learning Centre Community Survey

Kyneton Community & Learning Centre Inc. commenced as Kyneton Community House in 1988 and aims to with you, to make our community more vibrant, diverse and welcoming!

Our Vision: ‘to work towards a more inclusive, empowered and connected community’
We are a grass-roots not-for-profit organisation that aims to meet community needs by providing a broad range of activities, services and programs. These include:

Hobby and interest programs  
Education and Training
Occasional Child Care      
Personal Development
Kyneton Community Lunch
Volunteer opportunities
General community support and referral

We cannot do this alone! What can you do?

To help guide our planning and connection with our town, we’d like to hear from you.  Tell us what you’d like KC&LC to do or be involved with, to benefit the community.
Survey closes Wednesday 18th October

* 1. What do you know about the KC&LC? 

* 2. What services (not programs) do you use? Select one or more of the following:

* 3. As a ’neighbourhood house’, rate how we meet your needs?

* 4. What would you like to see us do that's not on offer through our website ( or term brochure?

* 5. What times or days of the week would suit you best to attend activities or programs?

* 6. Is there a cost factor for you or your family?

* 7. Are there changes accruing in our town or issues you believe the ‘neighbourhood house’ needs to involved in or advocating for? Please comment on two of the most important items (a need, issue or aspiration for Kyneton)

* 8. Would you like to connect more effectively with others in your community?