Share Your Experience

We need your wisdom and experience as the parent of a grown adult with ADHD.  Many of you have shared your struggles helping children launch into adulthood.  It is our hope that the information you provide will help other parents to successfully launch their young adults. Our goal is to take our combined knowledge and experience to create a book giving much needed guidance to other parents who are struggling. If you have more than one adult child with ADHD, please fill out a survey for each one. Thank you for participating in our survey. If you would like a summary of  our results, be sure to provide an email address at the end of the survey.  Thank You!

* 1. Please tell us the gender of your child

* 2. What is your child's current age?

* 3. Level of completed education

* 4. Tell us the ADHD diagnosis

* 5. How old was your child when diagnosed with ADHD?

* 6. Any Co-occurring Diagnoses?

* 7. Today, as an adult, which diagnosis has the most negative effect on functioning?

* 8. How would you rate the severity of your child's ADHD and co-occurring conditions?  Think about how symptoms effected your child's functioning.

  Mild Moderate Severe
Severity of Problems as  a child
Severity of Problems today

* 9. At what age did your child start treatment?

* 10. Did your child take medication for ADHD?

* 11. If yes, is he or she currently taking medication for ADHD?

* 12. Has your child received any of the following types of treatment?

* 13. Has your child taken medication for other disorders?

* 14. Did your child struggle during the school years?

* 15. Did your child receive special supports at school?

* 16. What were the positive influences/supports during high school?

* 17. What were the major challenges in high school?

* 18. What is the status of your adult child now?

* 19. Does your adult child struggle with executive function deficits?

* 20. What is your child's current living arrangement?

* 21. If your child is currently living at home, please tell us more.

* 22. What was your child's first job?

* 23. At what age did he or she start that first job?

* 24. What is your child's current job

* 25. Tell us about your child's current job?

* 26. What is your child's current annual salary?

* 27. Is your young adult underemployed given his or her ability, education and experience.

* 28. How long has your child been at his or her current job?

* 29. Share your child's major job achievements.

* 30. Has your child had major problems on the job?

* 31. If fired or received a poor evaluation, please share the reasons why.  

* 32. Has your son or daughter asked for accommodations based upon disability?

* 33. If yes, what accommodations were requested?

* 34. Is your child currently job hunting?

* 35. Does your child have a group of friends? How many?

* 36. As an adult has your child struggled with any of the following:

* 37. What were the positive influences from 18 to 22?

* 38. What were the major challenges from 18 to 22?

* 39. What were the positive influences from 23 to 30?

* 40. What were the major challenges from 22 - 30?

* 41. What do you think were the most important supports you provided for your child?

* 42. Are there things that you wished you had done differently and would advise other parents to do for young adults with ADHD?

* 43. What else do you think we need to know?

* 44. Would you be willing to talk with us further about your experience as the parent of an adult with ADHD? If yes, please provide name, phone number and email address.