Welcome to the
CAF India Roster for Humanitarian Partnerships

CAF India has been supporting Humanitarian relief and response for close to two decades and is now strengthening its Roster of Humanitarian Organisations to be engaged in humanitarian response actions. This roster of NGOs will be mapped to 600+ districts to help support immediate disaster response and mobilize ground zero resources to reach those affected by disasters.
Why a Pan-India Roster of Humanitarian Organizations?
  • To strengthen our collective ability to provide rapid localised response to disaster hit communities with local knowledge and resources.
  • Reaffirm the Principles of Partnership in Equality, Transparency, Results-Oriented Approaches, Responsibility and Complementarity.
  • To strengthen partnerships with and between localised NGOs through direct aid, capacity building & recognition for humanitarian action with increased transparency.
  • To be better prepared with local actors in an enhanced knowledge and capacity to take up emergency response to ground zero.
  • To create awareness in media and public at large about our humanitarian partnerships by specifying the role of local actors and acknowledging the good practices through collaborative communication.