The purpose of Fact Forward’s Youth Leadership Council (YLC) is to provide a youth voice to Fact Forward program initiatives. The Youth Leadership Council will have an opportunity to share ideas, give opinions and lead initiatives in South Carolina/North Carolina to support adolescent reproductive health efforts. 

The base structure of the program is to attend meetings virtually. Participants will have the opportunity to reach out to Fact Forward staff and peers, as well as respond to questions about adolescent reproductive health education and services.


Participants will attend a two-day leadership retreat during the summer. The retreat will provide intensive training on topics to increase their capacity including public speaking, reproductive health, the science of teen pregnancy prevention and conflict management.


I grant permission for my child to be included in any photo, voice, and/or video production. I understand that any images or recordings used in the promotion or support of the Youth Leadership Council will become the sole right of Fact Forward. I understand that participation is voluntarily and that there is no reimbursement for participation in any photo, voice, and/or video production.


All participants are to abide by and accept all rules set by Fact Forward staff.


I understand that all participants must provide a time commitment to the program. As a parent/ guardian, I understand that I will be of support of my child to this program.

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* By selecting 'Yes' below, you are agreeing that you are the parent or legal guardian of a minor and you give permission for your child to fully participate with Fact Forward's Youth Leadership Council.

Additionally, you agree that you have had time to review this information and hereby release Fact Forward from any and all liability related to or arising out of my child's participation in this program.