Accountability - Blue Milestone

These are scenarios for the blue accountability milestone - related to state specific statutes, laws and administrative codes.
You can ask your teammates for help in answering these questions and you can also use the resource guide or links to find the answers. The key to success is discussing the scenarios with your teammates and sharing your knowledge with each other.
Abbreviations used include:
  • OBA - Oregon Board of Accountancy
  • OAR - Oregon Administrative Rules
  • ORS - Oregon Revised Statutes
  • CPC - AICPA Code of Professional Conduct
You will have 25 minutes to complete as many of these questions as possible. Work as a team to read the questions, discuss the ethical dilemmas and use the resource guide to find answers to questions you don't know how to answer.
Once you and your teammates agree on the answer type your answer into the box provided and submit it.

Question Title

* 1. What is required to earn your state's ethics CPE credits? Earn 1 PEP for each component you can correctly name. (List 3)

AZ: A.A.C. R4-1-453(C)(4)
OR: OBA Administrative Rules 801-040-0010(2) and 801-040-0030

Question Title

* 2. You are required to file your application for renewal of your registration at the end of this month. You submit your application and fee payment at 8 pm on the last day of the month, which happens to be a Sunday this year. 

Is this considered an "on-time" submission?  Your teammates can award or deduct 5 PEPs for your response.

AZ: A.A.C. R4-1-345(B)
OR:  ORS 673.150 and 801-010-0110

Question Title

* 3. The company's HR creates a 4-hour ethics program. All employees must complete the course.  You report this as your State-Specific ethics CPE when you renew your registration. 

Does this class qualify for ethics CPE credits? Why or why not? your teammates can award or take away 3 PEPs for your answer.

AZ:  A.A.C. R4-1-453(B)
OR: 801-040-0010 (2)(d) and 801-040-0030 (1)

Question Title

* 4. Big Boss reminds you that if you are unsure of the answer to any scenario you can request help from your teammates.  You might want to consider rewarding teammates that help you by giving them PEPs.

Enter the names of each teammate in this box. Earn 1 PEP for each teammate.

Question Title

* 5. A colleague placed her certificate on retired status 3 years ago. She continued paying the fees, filing registrations and completing continuing education. She stopped using her designation as well.  Due to extenuating circumstances, your colleague decides to reinstate her certificate.

Can she do this? Earn 2 PEPs for your answer.

AZ:  ARS 32-730.04
OR:  801-010-0120 (10)

Question Title

* 6. If your team has more than 30 PEPs your definition of key ethical concepts are complete. Congratulations! You earn 2 PEPs for paying attention to detail and helping your team stay on track.

Question Title

* 7. You filed your renewal registration two weeks late.

Can the state board of accountancy charge you a late fee? If they can, how much would the fee be?  Your teammates can award or deduct 3 PEPs for your answer.

AZ: A.A.C. R4-1-345 and ARS 32-729
OR: ORS 673.150 (5)(a)  and 801-010-0010

Question Title

* 8. Your home was foreclosed and you now owe $300,000 in medical costs for your oldest child's hospital stay that was denied by insurance.

Is this a financial hardship that could exempt you from completing your CPE requirements?  Discuss this with your team and earn 3 PEPs for your answer. 

AZ:  A.A.C. R4-1-453(H) and ARS 32-701.15
OR: OBA OAR  801-040-0150

Question Title

* 9. Because you took extra hours to comply with the live classroom or webinar requirement,  you now have more CPE hours than required. You plan to record those extra hours on the next renewal period's CPE report. 

Can you carry over this excess CPE?  Earn 2 PEPs for the correct answer.
AZ - A.A.C. R-4-1-453(C)(5)
OR -  ORS 673.150 (5)(a) and

Question Title

* 10. You've hired a staff member who claimed special technical skills you desperately need. However, after working together for six months you find out he does not have these skills. 

This relates to competence. What are the core competencies expected of a CPA in your state?
AZ: R4‐1‐455.01.
OR: ORS 673.040 and