Help us redesign Listverse by answering this survey. At the bottom of each list we will be letting you rank the list based on your emotions and what you think you got from the list. Please choose from the words below to tell us which words you think fit best.

* 1. You just read a list that taught you something new. What word best describes that list.

* 2. You just read a list that blew you away. What word best describes the list.

* 3. This list made you laugh. What is the best description of it.

* 4. Top 10 Worst Cases of Human Cannibalism. What word describes this:

* 5. Top 10 Things you Poop Says About You. Rate this list.

* 6. Top 10 Hypocrites of Copyright Law and Top 10 Stupid World Records. What word best describes these lists?