Customer Feedback Survey

Fill out the survey for a chance to WIN a Twenty Valley Prize pack worth $200!

* 1. Have you attended Wrapped Up in the Valley in the past?

* 2. Do you enjoy the recipe cards?

* 3. Did you travel far for Wrapped Up in the Valley?

* 4. How would you rate your entire experience?

* 5. If you visited from out of town, where did you stay?

* 7. This year, Wrapped up in the Valley used an e-ticketing service. Please let us know how you enjoyed this service.

  Strongly Agree Agree Strongly Disagree Indifferent Purchased at a winery
I/we loved this service, it was simple to use.
I/we liked the service, but there were a few issues.
I/we dislike the service, please bring back printed tickets.
I/we like the service, but would like a printed passport as well.

* 8. Please let us know how many wineries you visited?

* 9. Please leave your comments below; we would enjoy hearing about the experience and if there are any concerns, they will be addressed. All responses are kept confidential.

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