Event Expectations and Impressions

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The Melissa Area Chamber of Commerce and the City of Melissa would appreciate your feedback regarding this year's Celebration of Freedom Event.  Please answer the questions below about your expectations and impressions with this year's event.

* 1. How well did the 2017 Celebration of Freedom meet your expectations? Was it...?

* 2. This is a Two Part Question. PART 1: Please rate the following activities at the 2017 Melissa Celebration of Freedom below and then PART 2: Indicate in the text box following the list of activities which activity MOST influences your decision to attend the event? (Please select just ONE).

  1 - Unsatisfactory 2 - Needs Improvement 3 - Met expectations 4 - Above Expectations 5 - Highly Exceeds Expectations N/A - Did Not Participate
Children's Area/Activities
Musical Act
Food Vendor Selection
Overall Event

* 3. What did you think of this year’s live music by Texas Flood?

* 4. Do you have a suggestion for a musical act for future events?

* 5. Had you attended previous Melissa Celebration of Freedom events?

* 6. How likely are you to do the following:

  Extremely likely Very likely Moderately likely Slightly likely Not at all likely
Attend the Celebration of Freedom again in the future
Attend the Celebration of Freedom Home Town Parade
Participate in the Celebration of Freedom Home Town Parade
Recommend attending the Celebration of Freedom to a friend or neighbor
Help promote the Celebration of Freedom on social media (Retweet, Share, etc.)
Volunteer to assist in planning or working at a future Celebration of Freedom event
Report a problem