* 1. When you and your spouse make love, are the lights usually on, or do you usually have the lights off?

* 2. Are you and your spouse comfortable naked around each other, or are one or both of you uncomfortable being naked around your spouse?

* 3. If either or both of you are uncomfortable making love with the lights on, or being naked around each other, what are the reasons? (You can pick more then one)

* 4. What is your take on non-sexual nudity in the family home? For example, are you comfortable with your children seeing you naked, or seeing each other naked, or is privacy very important in your home?

* 5. To what extent is your comfort with nudity impacted by your upbringing and the way it was in your family home growing up?

* 6. What nationality are you?

* 7. Any comments on the subject of nudity and body image in your marriage relationship?