Confidential Questionnaire

Have you felt a Self Defeating Shift in Optimism? Do You Feel Something Essential is Missing? Is there a Lack of Purpose, Diminished Feeling of Personal Power, Low threshold of Joy? Do you want your Sparkle Back? Discover your next best steps of the life-long Journey of discovery and personal development with my Super Power Breakthrough Consultation!
To get started, take this quick and easy survey*. This will provide me with a true snapshot of where your deeply buried subconscious stress is hiding and where to start to our conversation to release it.

You can expect a heart felt and specific plan of action from me as a result. Once I receive your information, we will set up a time that’s perfect for you to receive your Super Power Breakthrough Session. It is usually between 30-45 minutes.

Teresa Maron, Creator of Spiritual Adventures for Today’s Wise Woman

*Disclaimer-I understand that participating in one of Teresa's Programs requires a financial investment and I am ready and able to make that commitment to myself for personal development.

* 1. On a scale of 1-10, identify how you feel about these qualities with 1 being totally frustrated, 5 being content but ready to grow, and 10 being complete bliss.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Financial Abundance
Setting Loving Boundaries
Quality of Life
Fulfilling Life Purpose
Being acknowledged for Sharing Your Story
Physical Health
Fun and Laughter
Meaningful Relationships and Connections
Feeling desirable and interesting

* 2. Name 5 things you do daily/weekly/monthly that you consider self care, self enrichment or stress management.

* 3. Which communication and learning activities do you most enjoy: membership in a club or group, online courses, in-person classes, hands on experiential workshops or destination retreats? Please rank them in order of preference, with 1 being your favorite.

* 4. Think of one amazing thing you have always wanted to do, that would make you feel abundant, successful and creative! What is it, and what is the biggest challenge standing in your way to achieving this?

* 5. No one is harder to please than your inner critic, and negative patterns of self-sabotage and self-criticism are hard to break. Soon putting yourself last and turning down things you really want to participate in becomes a habit. Eventually, you start to wonder, why bother? That’s when the I’m Fine syndrome gets a firm hold on your joy. Have you ever felt this way? What does your inner critic want you to do?

* 6. What are your patterns of strengths and weaknesses in making important decisions, changes and releasing the past?

  Strength Weakness
Feeling Anxiety about your future
Fear that keeps you from trying something new
Feelings of anger, betrayal or frustration that keeps paralyzing your progress
Letting go of childhood trauma
Learning New Skills
Authenticity and Passion
Coming to terms with your body image
Creativity and Intuition
Repeating self defeating behaviors
Asking for help

* 7. Do you have the support you need aligning your spiritual growth with the great ideas you want to manifest in your life?

* 8. When you remove stress from your energy field, your creativity and intuition starts to lead your decision making, and it is so much fun, so exceptional to live this way. People will be drawn to your beneficial energy and this opens up amazing opportunities. Do you feel creative and intuitive?

* 9. As you remove deeply buried stress with my system, you find a new way of looking at old problems. Priorities shift, and you realize that you can take care of yourself and still be there for your career, friends, family and life’s unexpected challenges. Which of these holistic stress management techniques calls most to you?

* 10. As the layers of buried stress dissolve you will see how important it is to support others, by sharing your journey. This creates that ah ha moment, rich with the gift that comes from seeing yourself through someone else's eyes.

And, knowing your story made a difference.

Your special unique super power emerges to help you take the next steps in your life. It is very powerful to call your super power by name. Do any of these examples call you or remind of one that does?