* 1. You listened to two versions of the same interview on an autism simulation video game. They weren't exactly the same. Which version did you prefer, if you had a preference?

* 2. What were the differences you heard between the two versions of the segment? What were your impressions of each, in terms of effectiveness and quality of sound and content?

* 3. You listened to five (5) program billboards for Word of Mouth. Please rate each of them on a scale of 1-5 on the "interesting-ness" of the content they promoted. Base your rankings on your likelihood of staying tuned into the show after hearing the billboard.

  Not at all interesting Somewhat interesting Interesting enough Very interesting I'm intrigued! Didn't listen to this one
Billboard 1: Robots in surgery/Actipedia/Zero Waste Home/Heather Maloney
Billboard 2: Biological stowaways/50 Classics you should read
Billboard 3: Lawyer bubble/Bitcoin/NH Author of "Lake People"
Billboard 4: Holocaust survivor holograms/Comments on the internet/Corporate anthropology
Billboard 5: Robot interrogators/Why jury duty matters/Dead celebrities on social media

* 4. What are your overall impressions of Word of Mouth based on the listening you did here, and the listening you might have done on the radio/web? Feel free to comment on the editorial, production style, host, topics, or whatever you choose.

* 5. How confidential would you like us to keep your response to this survey? (We will keep your name confidential no matter what.)