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Thank you for participating in Feminists for Life's national Pregnancy Resources Survey.

This survey was designed to help you evaluate the resources available to pregnant and parenting students on campus. You can find a PDF version of the survey to carry with you as you look for the resources here: http://feministsforlife.org/taf/2010/COP2010.pdf Please be sure to cite any sources or resources you find in the comments section and include URLs for helpful resources you find.

If you would like a printed copy of your responses, please use the Print option on your browser before proceeding to the next page in the survey: each page must be printed individually before you finish the survey.

At any time, you may exit the survey and return to it later by clicking on the link provided in the email you received. However, once you have submitted all your responses and completed the survey, you will be unable to return to your answers.

If you are a school administrator and would only like to share information about your particular department or if you are a student who is aware of a resource not listed, please email coordinator@ffloncampus.org with details about those resources.

By Board policy, Feminists for Life does not rent, trade or share contact information.