Welcome to our FFF50 Master Class Track Pre-Registration

We will be offering 8 Master Classes at the Winter Flea this year, in celebration of our 50th Flea. There will be two tracks of classes occurring over four time slots, 9 - 4 pm on Saturday.

On the following page you'll see the full descriptions for all 8 classes, followed by a ranking survey, opportunity to include up to two people to attend the classes with you, and your scene name and email.

Please only fill out the following survey if you are definitely attending FFF 50 and will be present on the Saturday of the event.

You may be accepted into a maximum of two Master Classes. You will be notified 2 weeks before the Flea with your Master Class schedule.

Include them within the comment box below or email fff_programming@nelaonline.org

* Class Descriptions:

Advanced Suspension Drills | Giotto | 9:00 AM

The heart of a multiple transition scene or performance is levels. The positioning of different parts of the body at varying places in the space between the floor and the hardpoint. The class will be shown anchor line attachments and line management. Then they will be lead through a seemingly simple drill that will hone skills necessary to accomplish almost any transition.
Level: Advanced
This is a hands-on class.

Needed: At least 8 long ropes, safety cutter, a partner if you want to participate (observers are allowed), suspension ring or 6 climbing rated carabiners
Prerequisite: Must be comfortable doing basic suspension transitions. Must be able to quickly tie a solid suspendible TK, futomomo and single-column ties.

Turning it Up to Eleven: Anal Play for Non-Beginners | Sarah Sloane | 9:00 AM

Now that you've got some experience playing with butts, let's delve into some more options on how to up the ante in your anal sessions! We'll cover techniques for both the top & bottom sides of the equation, including how to prep for play and specific ways to make your anal sessions more sustainable. We'll also discuss enema play, fisting, larger toy insertion, long-term anal toy wear, and anal training. Please be prepared to participate in this conversation, where no hole is barred and no question will go unanswered!

Please note: This class is for people who already have an understanding of the anatomy & physiology of the rectum & anal sphincter, and who are comfortable with basic anal play using fingers, smaller toys, and/or penises. People of all genders and orientations are welcome. This is NOT a hands-on class.


Ordeal Facilitation | Thista Minai | 10:45 AM

Ordeal rituals offer empowerment through suffering, but how do we guide someone else along that path? How can we create rites of sacred trauma that transform without causing harm? This master-level class explores the challenging and rewarding work of Ordeal facilitation, and covers some of the necessary skills and responsibilities for facilitators. Come take a closer look at Ordeal ritual, and find out how to build an experience that transforms a seeker.
Prerequisite: have a solid grasp of Ordeal work fundamentals.
This is a hands-on class, you will have opportunity to list your class partners later in this survey.

Interrogation and Military Scenes | Midori | 10:45 AM
Crisp uniforms. Commanding women and dashing men. Relentless discipline. Cruel interrogators. Physically demanding training. Intimidating inquisitions and pointed questionings. If these images make your heart beat faster, then march don't walk to this class! Depending upon both the capacity of your playing facility and how you structure your scene, your interrogation or military play can involve only two people or a large cast with complicated coordination. In this presentation Midori will discuss the different types of military vs. interrogation scenes, how to prepare for them, how to maintain your chosen roles, and how to do it all safely. Scenes will be demonstrated right before your eyes!

Wielding Steel: Advanced Knife Play | NauttiBoy | 12:30 PM

Have you ever wondered what that nice, shiny blade feels like in your hand, or how it feels to have that same blade dance along your flesh? Wielding Steel will explore both questions with you. Prepare for an advanced knifeplay experience. Witness sensual and sadistic knife play demonstrations! Discuss the dynamics of a knife, and how to wield one safely and sanely. Learn how to develop your hand, care for your blade, and for your partner/ bottom. (Due to state restrictions, this is a demonstration, rather than a hands-on class.) Come and experience the pleasures of Wielding Steel.
This is NOT a hands-on class.

Advanced CBT Techniques | Wintersong | 12:30 PM
There are SO many interesting things you can do with penises, scrotums, testicles, and adjacent areas, that it is impossible for one class to cover them all. In this workshop we'll explore some of the more intense, higher-risk, and involved ways to engage in CBT. Techniques such as super-glue, fireplay, crushing, sadistic sounding, knife play, weights, and others will be discussed and demoed. Participants should already have a good understanding of both penile anatomy and edge play.
This is NOT a hands-on class.


Waterboarding | Alex and Madeline | 2:15 PM

Waterboarding is the torture technique that tricks the victim's brain into believing it is drowning by using an understanding of human anatomy and as little as a cup of water. We cover off on what waterboarding is and is not, because of the large number of misconceptions out there. We give some historical and current event context to the various techniques. We obviously talk about safety and what the realistic risks associated with waterboarding are. We discuss what to expect from a person experiencing waterboarding. We demonstrate three primary techniques (rag over mouth, rag in mouth, and forcing liquid into the sinuses) with some variation on each. Then we answer the large number of questions that usually come up.
This is NOT a hands-on class.
No requirements to attend, but it can be triggering for people who have real-world experience with waterboarding (source: feedback from previous class attendees).

Sexing Up Your Pony Play | Ponyboy's Rusty and Stormy | 2:15 pm

Pony play can be much more than 'giddy up' and 'whoa!' The intimate, sensual, sexual sides of pony play are rarely touched on in a public setting. Take a ride on the wild side with hands-on sensual grooming, watch ways to make tacking up and skinning a full-on sexual experience, and discuss types of scenes such as paddocking, binding, breeding, and more. We will include negotiation and consent as well safety considerations (both physical and psychological). Examples for handling your ponies will be demonstrated such as positive reinforcement, punishment and blind training to take your pony play to the next level. This is a hands-on experience, so come ready! Those who prefer to just watch are absolutely welcomed.

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