The 2021 compensation survey and report are sponsored by JDM Benefits and Nonprofit HR.

Nonprofit New York's compensation survey is underway and we need your help! 

The data we collect informs our salary and benefits report and is critical to assessing your organization's salary scales. It also helps your Board with its due diligence in setting executive compensation.
Depending on your organization size, the survey is expected to take 15-40 minutes to fill out. As thanks for completing this survey, you'll receive a FREE copy of the final report (a $350 value!).

For your convenience, linked here is a PDF version of the survey if you need to print it out to prepare for your responses. 

If you are a 501(c)3 nonprofit in New York City (the five boroughs, Westchester, and Long Island) with at least one paid staff then you are eligible to fill out this survey! If your organization has no paid staff (all volunteer run), then please do not respond to this survey. 

Before starting, please read the following instructions carefully:
  • We understand that organizations may define their staff roles differently than the job descriptions/titles that we have included here. We have tried to be as broad-ranging as possible, therefore please choose the position that closest fits the employee’s major job responsibilities based on the description of the role. If there is no such function leave it blank
  • If you have multiple staff members with the same title/role but different salaries, please calculate the average in order to best respond to the question.
  • Do not include fringe in the value you provide for each salary.
  • To answer our questions on benefits, we recommend having the following items on hand: 1) Health insurance benefit summary(ies), 2) Health Insurance premium invoice, 3) Employer/Employee health insurance contribution, 4) Employee handbook
All contact information is confidential and will not be disclosed in the analysis or report. Survey results will be reported in the aggregate and will not be attributed to individual organizations. We ask for your organization's name and the name of the person completing the survey in the event that we need clarification and so that we can share the report with you once it is completed.

If you have any questions, please contact our Research & Data Coordinator, Celine Yip at

Thank you for making our data as robust and useful as possible. 

3% of survey complete.