Hello Pennsylvania FFA Members and Families!

Thank you for taking a few minutes of your time to help us gather some important information about FFA SAE project animals in Pennsylvania.
**The information collected from this survey is completely anonymous.**
What we learn from your answers will guide us in creating the best possible new tools and resources for you to raise your project animals, including lesson plans, tool kits, and activities for your Ag Ed teachers and classrooms. **Please only submit answers once for all FFA members in your household.**

* 1. Which of the following animals did your household raise or declare as FFA SAE project animals in 2017 (if you are new to FFA, what animals do you plan to raise or declare in 2018)?

* 2. How many total animals did your household raise or declare as FFA SAE projects in 2017 (do you plan to raise or declare, if new)?

* 3. Where do you keep your FFA SAE project animals?

* 4. Have you ever heard of a manure management plan?

* 5. Does the farm where you keep your project animals have an official manure management plan?

* 6. Has anyone ever asked you to show an official manure management plan (or nutrient management plan) as part of a farm inspection?

* 7. Do you know which of these farms are required to have a manure management plan in Pennsylvania?