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I am gathering information from my dental patients in an effort to develop better ways of providing care and also to gain better insight for writing about better ways of delivering dental care. I want to identify the stressors of undergoing dental treatment, as well as develop refinements dentists can make in providing more comfortable treatment. Principally I want to explore ways of developing a better emotional relationship between dentist and patient.

You are being asked to take part in this anonymous survey about your concerns about different aspects of what you ideally want to happen in your dental experience. No attempt will be made to identify you, and your treatment in this office will in no manner be compromised. You may choose not to participate, and we will not know that your have opted out.

Please answer the questions, to define the style of dental treatment you would like in ideal yet practical terms. Your answers should relate to how you would like to be treated in future visits when you receive dental care from any dentist.

At the end you will also be give the option of evaluating Dr Griffith's style of care, and to offer comments should you wish. Again, this is not mandatory.

Thank you!
Michael Griffith, DDS

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* 1. I have read and understood the consent form above, I am 18 or over, and I would like to participate in this survey.