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Thank you to the 171 people that entered our Design Our Fragrance contest. Please vote on the fragrance that *you* want Bramble Berry to add next. Vote until the Sept. 23rd for your favorite blend.

* 1. Which fragrance do you want Bramble Berry to add? See descriptions below choices.

- Bella Fragranza (meaning Beautiful Fragrance) - A simple blend of Pomegranate and White Tea notes

- Kentish Rain - From the perfumer: "This fragrance reminds me of my home country on the English coast, rainy, salty mist and very green." Main notes are: Fresh rain, cut grass, sea-mist and a touch of violet.

- Orange Mocha - The perfumer says: "Starbucks! What else can I say?" Main notes are: Orange, Dark Chocolate, Coffee

- Sex on the Beach - Like the drink, the creator says "Sex on the Beach is sweet with a touch of sour and a nice tropical scent of mango." Main notes are: Coconut, Sandalwood Vanilla, Lime and Mango.

- Sleeping Buddha - With main notes of Lotus or Wood Violet, soaring over a medium Himalayan musk with Green Tea and a hint of Dark Sandalwood.

* 2. Do you have any thoughts about the fragrance contest and choices? We want to hear them. Thank you for shopping at Bramble Berry!