* 2. Training Start Date


* 4. Instructor Rating

  Disagree Neutral Agree
The instructor was prepared to teach the course.
The instructor conveyed course material clearly.
The instructor moved at an appropriate pace.
The instructor presentation was professional.
The instructor made you feel comfortable about learning.
The instructor was knowledgeable about the subject matter.
The instructor showed concern for you and your learning experience.
The instructor was enthusiastic about teaching the course.
I would recommend this instructor to another student.

* 5. Course Rating

  Disagree Neutral Agree
The course was well organized.
The course content met the stated objectives.
I learned and benefited from this course.
The course was presented effectively.
The course was well organized and easy to understand.
The time was sufficient to meet the course objectives.
I would recommend this course to another student.

* 6. Learning Environment Rating

  Disagree Neutral Agree
The classroom was orderly and clean.
The computer equipment was set up appropriately.
The DPAS staff was very helpful.

* 7. General Comments: Any areas where your instructor did particularly well? Any areas of improvement for this training?